Frequently Asked Questions


Is Thermography safe?

Thermography is 100% safe. We use a state-of-the-art digital infrared camera to capture images of the body. There is no contact with your body making it 100% painless and we do not use radiation. It is safe for the entire family!

How long does it take to get my results back?

Most results will be ready within 7-10 days. We do offer a STAT fee of $25 which will have the results back within 24-48 hours.

How do I understand my results?

At some of our locations we will have a local medical professional that will be able to review the scan with you and help you understand the report. We can also help with recommendations as we have a network of doctors in our area.

How long does it take to perform a scan?

Breast scan - please allow 30 minutes

Upper body - please allow 30 minutes

Full body - please allow 45 minutes

Is thermography better than mammography?

The 2 tests cannot be compared. One is not "better" than the other. Mammography (as well as ultra sounds) are anatomical tests. They are looking for a physical tumor that will show up once that said tumor has reached a size that is large (or dense) enough to be detected.

Thermography is a physiological test. It measures the heat radiating from the surface of the body. Once we have a baseline established, we can help in monitoring those physiological changes that are occurring at very early stages in their existence. Often times thermography will detect those markers that indicate future disease... long before it becomes disease.

Can I pay with my insurance?

Thermography is not covered by standard medical insurance.

However, there are many health share plans that do reimburse for thermography as well as some supplemental insurance companies.

How often do I need a scan?

In order to establish a baseline of your own unique thermal pattern, we recommend having a follow-up baseline scan 6 months after your initial screening. This is when our interpreting doctors can have an idea of what your own unique pattern is versus any pathologies or areas of concern that may be developing. Without a baseline your unique thermal pattern is unable to be established. Generally after your 6 month baseline we recommend annual screenings. However, depending on the recommendations of the interpreting doctors, they may suggest monitoring areas of concern within a smaller window.

Are there certain things that I need to do to prepare for my scan?

Yes, we do have certain protocols to follow prior to your exam. It is important to follow the protocols as this will allow for the most accurate results. You can see the full list of these protocols under the forms tab of our website under "patient protocols".

Is thermography only for breasts?

Absolutely not! Although many only know of thermography as an adjunctive screening tool for breast cancer, our thermal images are useful for many other things! We offer upper body scans as well as full body scans. In addition to a breast cancer screening you may also receive information regarding

- thyroid dysfunction
- cerebrovascular disease
- neuromuscular disorder
- peripheral muscular disorder
- inflammation
- dental pathologies
- lymphatic congestion
- hormone imbalances
- nerve pathology
- circulation issues
- vein thrombosis
- arthritis
- pain
- sluggish digestion