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Louise Milleman

Louise Milleman, CTT is a baby-wearing, earth-loving, home-steading, tree-hugging, gentle-parenting, breastmilk-advocating, home-schooling, RV-living, freedom-fighting, world-traveling citizen of the entire world who happens to be obsessed with helping people stay healthy!! She has spent the last 4 years of her life traveling the world educating others about how to live a vibrant, healthy life incorporating nature in as many ways as possible - and raising some free range babies along the way!!! She feels so blessed to be living this life, ensuing her passion and sharing it all with the world!!!


Ryan Milleman

Ryan Milleman, CTT was born and raised in Florida. It wasn’t until his mid 20s that he decided to serve his country in the USAF. This journey of his took him to many places, with Northern California being his favorite. After exiting the military he decided to continue to live in sunny California and bring the greater Sacramento area something they did not even realize they were missing - a true way to be proactive and preventative with their health! As a health-conscious father of 2 beautiful little girls, nothing is more important to him than being, staying and feeling healthy. He first learned about thermal imaging while serving in the military and was excited to learn that this technology extends into the medical world. Ryan is now now dedicated to educating not just women but also men about the benefits of medical thermography. Early detection of disease does not just apply to the breast and he likes to spread awareness to all the men in the world. 

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Danielle kuder

Danielle Kuder, CTT grew up all over the west coast and it wasn't until the Air Force brought her back to California that she finally settled in and has called it home for the last 11 years. After becoming a mom to three babies 7 & under, she truly realized the importance in healthy all natural living and how to live a proactive life. She is not only a Thermography Technician, but also a full time homeschool mom and a regenerative, sustainable, organic, earth loving, no-till micro farmer with a passion to grow super nutritious food to supply to her local community.